Once I figure out how to set up a gallery or galleries of images I will put up some pictures, hopefully organized in some sort of useful fashion. This page will be in flux for awhile.

Recent Work

I have been learning about figure and portrait painting and drawing this last year so much of what I have done has been quick studies from life so that is primarily what you will see here. There is a real conflict in my process between the uninhibited mark making when I am working quickly from life and the tightness and deliberateness that I seem to fall into when I go for a more finished look while chasing likeness. I see overcoming that conflict as my primary learning area currently.

Works in Progress

I have tried to keep a hand in non-figurative painting during the last year even though I have been consciously studying life drawing and painting. This has helped me to work more loosely with paint without the nagging concern about “likeness” forcing me into as much tightness and deliberateness.

Previous Work

Here are some older paintings and drawings that I keep in mind to judge whether I am making progress or not.