Artist Statement

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I have lived in the Intermountain West my whole life. I have spent a lot of time close to the ground exploring the canyons, mountains, back roads and byways of Utah, Idaho, Nevada and California.  Through these travels I have always been conscious of and interested in the tension between the built and unbuilt areas in the Intermountain West resulting from the fact that the majority of us are city-dwellers, who, at the same time, live within minutes of largely undomesticated landscapes.  I take landscapes as the subject matter of most of my paintings, but in choosing a particular scene for painting I am drawn to images in which I see an abstract formal beauty or in which I find a mood elicited by juxtaposition of human artifacts and natural scenery.
Beyond the particular subject matter of my paintings I am interested as a painter in bringing out the visual tension that results from the alternating perception of a painting as a depiction of a scene and at the same time a self-sufficient, man-made object covered with globs of color.  I aspire to make paintings that encourage this dual perception of the painting, ideally paintings that provide recognizable depictions of attractive or moving scenes that at same time are able to simultaneously stand as formally interesting arrangements of color areas and painted surfaces satisfying to look at  without reference to the particular scene depicted.  To this end I am constantly experimenting with techniques to find methods that permit realistic depiction while at the same time not hiding the artifice and materiality of the painted surface.
Kevin Marcoux lives in Salt Lake

Boise High School, Boise, Idaho
BA  Mathematics, BA Philosophy,  University of California, Santa Cruz
Graduate School in Philosophy, University of California, Los Angeles
Juris Doctor, University of California, Berkeley
Since 2009 I have taken  over a dozen courses from the departments of Art and Art History at the  the University of Utah