Fruita Spring

Viv and I worked around the house in Teasdale this morning and then went down into Capitol Reef during the afternoon to take pictures and look for evidence of Spring.  The Cottonwoods and Globe Willows are now making slight chartreuse suggestions, the perennial grass is greening and the vetch is blooming. Momentum is building, spring can’t be stopped now.  The animals are wandering around expectantly, but still looking pretty scruffy from the winter.  Apricots are blooming in the orchards in the park.  The tourists are back and Torrey is alive again.  Another glorious, colorful Wayne County summer is on the way. How many summers do we get?  Are they sufficiently appreciated?
thousand lakes mountain, torrey, wayne county, capitol reef, spring, landscape, marcoux
Above the park.

above the park, redrock, sandstone, fruita, velvet ridge, boulder mountain

Top of the park.

two ravens, black birds, crow, corvids, mauvaise terre, malpais, badlands, waterpocket
They mate for life.

palisades, rimrocks, fluted sandstone, the castle, cathedral, capitol reef, sand creek
Too much color for dirt?

orchard, fruita, springtime, capitol reef, utah, southern, bottomlands, redrock, capitol reef, kevin marcoux, landscape

Orchard, Capitol Reef.

badlands, mauvaise terre, moby tear,  kevin marcoux badlands, utah, waterpocket fold
Mauvaise terre. Moby tear.
caineville badlands, curtains, southern utah, clay hills, fremont river, marcoux photograpgh, kevin marcoux


caineville, livestock, cattle, open range, ranching, henry mountains, caineville butte, southern utah

Fremont bottoms, Caineville.

peaking, first green of spring, caineville, marcoux, artist, painting, photograph
Spring peaking.  Caineville.

beware the cow, into the fold, waterpocket, southern utah, kevin marcoux, landscape, capitol reef

Open range. Beware the cow.

get up, deer, fruita, capitol reef, orchards, springtime, fremont river, capitol reef, spring, marcoux photograph
Don’t make us get up.  Capitol Reef orchard.

spring fashion, wild turkeys, capitol reef, fruita, highway 24, marcoux photograph, fruita
Spring fashion, Fruita.

fruita, orchard, apricots, capitol reef, utah, marcoux artist, fremont river, spring,
Fruita orchards.

capitol reef, fruit trees, apples, cherries, springtime, fruita, artmarcoux
Even more.