Winter Alpenglow


marcoux, artist, art, painting, landscape, cityscape, wasatch mountains, salt lake city, impressionistic, trolley square
Winter Alpenglow, approximately 31.75” by 23”,  oil on cradled wooden panel,
marcoux, artist, figurative, utah

Winter Alpenglow, detail.

This is a scene close to my house.  Maybe about 6 p.m. in late January, when the days are just starting to hint at lengthening.  This scene shows the winter twilight alpenglow reflected from Mount Olympus, Twin Peaks and Lone Peak along the Wasatch front looking across Trolley Square.   LIving here it is easy to forget what an unusual and remarkable thing it is to live in a city with mountains towering over as the Wasatch do here.  In winter when days are short and the air is hazy it can seem pretty close and dreary in town here, but seeing the evening glow of the mountains makes me think how big the world is and that the days will lengthen soon.  Mountains do that for me.

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