parsing, marcoux, artist, abstraction, grantsville, fenceline, landscape, tooele, oquirrh



parsing, grantsville fenceline, great salt lake, oil  painting, marcoux, artist, painter, landscape, abstract, tooele, fenceposts, water, bay, lagoon

detail, Parsing.

One painting I have been working on recently depicts a stretch of submerged fenceline along Interstate 80 heading eastbound near Grantsville, in Tooele County about 40 miles west of Salt Lake City.  I’ve done a similar smaller painting in the past.  There is a large, shallow (I guess) salt water lagoon south of where the interstate crosses the southern reaches of the Great Salt Lake.  I assume that at some time in the past, when the lake was particularly low, the fenceline divided a playa or pasture alongside the highway.  But as long as I have lived in Salt Lake the fence has been under water even though the lake has dropped something like 11 feet since I first moved here.  In the background are the Oquirrh Mountains that lie between the Salt Lake Valley and the Tooele Valley.  The location for the image is near the thermal salt water scuba diving and fish ponds at Sea Base at the northwestern end of the Tooele Valley near the exit for Stansbury Island.
I’ve been by this area many times as it lies on the main road to Wendover, the Deep Creek Mountains, Nevada and northern California.  The water is often smooth and mirror like because it is protected from wind by the berms of the highway and the surrounding mountains.  Sometimes when it is extremely cold for a period it will freeze up in part because it has a lower salinity than the main lake.  I find the image attractive in a conventional landscape sense,  mountains and sunset reflections off of the water.  The contrast between the light orange/scarlet tending areas of reflection in the sky and water versus the dark violet/blue areas in shadow makes a nice formal contrast.