Summer Sunset

summer sunset, marcoux, utah, artist, idaho, abstract, water, bird, blue, silhouette

Summer Sunset, oil on canvas 24″ by 30″.

detail, summer sunset, water, marcoux, abstraction, representation, artist, art, painting

detail,  Summer Sunset.
Summer Sunset depicts a grebe at sunset.  The painting shows a scene in August on a pond near McCall, Idaho.  The grebes are summer transients in the area.  With any scene of the mountains of central Idaho there is always in the back of my mind the recognition of the scene’s seasonal transience.  Winter is never far away in my mind there.   There are cool nights year round.  Snow in the surrounding mountains is usually visible from the valley floor year round and the fact that many of the summer birds are only around for a few months each year puts me in mind of winter.