Midsummer Shadows




Midsummer Shadows.  Approximately 36″ by 48″, oil on panel.
This oil painting depicts a small area of the dry hillside on the southside of Draper Ridge, between Salt Lake and Utah Counties.  The time of year is late July, toward sunset, when the low angle of the early evening sun creates long shadows that create high-contrast patterns. I was attracted to the contrasts between warm and cool colors and the way in which it contributed to the sense of depth resulting from the chiaroscuro effects of the tonal differences between the sunlit ridges and the darker backsides.  The hills in this area remind me of the foothills of the Boise Front, where I grew up, though the foothills of the Wasatch have a lot more greenery and trees than the Boise hills which are largely dry grass and sagebrush, except for the small intermittent riparian zones at the bottoms of gulches and canyons.  The site for Midsummer Shadows,  is close to the location of the Adobe Offices in Lehi.

detail, Midsummer Shadows