Badlands (Sigurd)


sigurd, marcoux, artist, painting, badlands, utah, salina, sevier county, fishlake, wasatch plateau,
Sigurd, approximately 23.5″ by 47.5″, oil on canvas covered panel,.


Sigurd,  detail.

Sigurd is a small town in Sevier County, southern Utah.  The primary business in the town is the manufacture of gypsum products made from gypsum common in the local  rich badlands.    The term “Badlands”, or the French equivalent “Mauvaise Terre”, comes from the notion that the lands are not useful.  This image depicts the badlands alongside the road leading up out of Sigurd into public lands to the east and south.   The lands in the area above Sigurd include a smattering of private holdings, oil well sites, BLM range lands, National Forest, Utah State educational trust lands of the Sand Edges Block and land owned by the Koosharem band of the Southern Paiutes.  The road, Highway 24, enters a high valley a few miles uphill from the site of this painting and passes beneath the Fish Lake High Top before climbing over a still higher pass above the valley floor of Wayne County and the lands surrounding Capitol Reef National Park.