Badlands (Angles of Repose)




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Badlands (Curtains)


This is another painting, like Caineville Butte, that depicts the badlands east of Capitol Reef National Park along the Fremont River and Highway 24 in Wayne County, southern Utah.   It was built up in the same manner as that painting, but this time I opted for an even less naturalistic palette.  The result is that up close the painting  has the look of some sort of abstract, wet on wet throwdown with confetti colored sherbet.   But I have tried to have the painting snap into a recognizable depiction of the landscape at some sort of visual critical distance.  Again the aspiration is create an image that potentially oscillates between recognizable, illusionistic depiction and a non-depictive, but colorful and complex surface that can stand on its own.


detail, capitol reef, marcoux, art, southern utah, capitol reef, the maze, caineville butte, factory butte, painted desert

Badlands (detail)