I’m in the process of rebuilding and repairing my website, so check back soon and I’ll have more drawings up.


I can draw, but I don’t do much of it.  I like the immediacy of the medium, but I’m much more of a “sketcher” than a draftsman.  In any evebnt it seems that drawing doesn’t get much love for the amount of work and effort that goes into it.


marcoux, artist, drawing, wooden angel, david, pieta, art historical reference, mexico

Wooden Angel


marcoux, artist, crash, skulls, dolls, faces, porcelain, 911, drawing, death


collage, marcoux, bellmer, artist, dolls, pillows, birds, surreal, uncanny,


marcoux, artist, artifactual utah, collage, voiceless, wicker elk, newspaper rock, buckhorn wash, pre-columbian

Voiceless (Artifactual Utah)