Another Update on the Teasdale Fire of 2012

I heard a story on NPR today about a case in California where they were considering the death penalty for a wildfire arsonist who started a range fire that resulted in five people dying from heart attacks. Last week there was an article in the Salt Lake Tribune going on at length about the dangers of Islamic terrorists starting forest fires in the dry western United States as an easy way of inflicting harm on this country. I thought in light of those stories it might be interesting to consider the denouement of the Lost Lake arson fire in the forest outside of Teasdale this summer. So far, one article has been published on the sentencing of Lance Durfey, who started the fire. I reproduce the Salt Lake Tribune article in its entirety:




As you can see, Utah is a big law and order state, where if you break the law you can expect to pay the price, no matter who you are, disgruntled anti-federalist or earth firster.  Not.